November 28, 2023

Bahia’s Potatoes Bravas

By Anna Faller | Aug. 28, 2021

At Bahia (pronounced ba-Hee-yah), the new Spanish-fusion spot on near the north end of Traverse City’s Union Street, bringing guests together is the name of the game. The brainchild of owner Tim Keil and two-decade kitchen veteran Brian Welburn, Bahia was born in mid-July when a love of Latin cuisine sent this dining duo in search of traditional Spanish tapas. “This is the place to come enjoy each other’s company,” says Welburn. “That’s what hospitality and dining are all about.” And nothing says “togetherness” quite like a shared plate of Potatoes Bravas. A “must-try” for first-time Bahia diners, this typical tapa begins with crispy, cubed Yukon Gold potatoes. Fried to golden-brown perfection and served alongside dueling sauces — one a scratch-made truffle aioli, the other a tomato and roasted red pepper “Brava” sauce — and topped with bitter microgreens, this classic plate packs enough savory spice to have you coming back for seconds. And for $11 dollars per drool-worthy plate, why wouldn’t you? Find Bahia at 127 S. Union St. (231) 421-3669, or search Bahia Traverse City on Facebook.



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