September 25, 2023

BOS Wine’s All That Is Gold Riesling

Bottoms Up
By Anna Faller | April 8, 2023

Though Tolkien’s “all that is gold does not glitter” quote probably wasn’t about viniculture, it did inspire a beautiful bottle of wine at BOS Wine in Elk Rapids. Opened in 2021, BOS uses biodynamic farming to make world-class wine on Michigan soil. This week, our gold star (pun intended) goes to the All That Is Gold Riesling (2021). Made from Old Mission Peninsula grapes, this vintage features riper fruit, which lends just a touch of balancing sweetness to an otherwise highly-acidic sip. The result is a gorgeously off-dry wine driven by stone-fruity flavors of peach skin, honeysuckle, and navel orange and held together by a crisp backbone and a delightfully weighty palette. Pair a glass with a protein-rich snack (we recommend a stacked cheese board), and let your golden hour commence. Grab a bottle ($26) at BOS Wine in Elk Rapids (135 Ames St.), or order online at (231) 498-2073.


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