January 29, 2022

Brasserie Amie’s Eggnog

Bottoms Up
By Anna Faller | Dec. 11, 2021

It’s officially eggnog season, folks, and Brasserie Amie’s traditional prep is putting the store-bought swill to shame. Creamy and light, with just a hint of decadence, this O.G. cocktail recipe has a reputation for changing the minds of even the egg averse. The secret? A scratch-made drinking “custard” courtesy of bar lead, AnnMarie Hickman. “I’ve been making eggnog since I could stand,” she says, “so I’m always really excited to [serve] it.” For this bevy’s velvety base, Hickman mixes heavy cream with sugar, whole eggs, and a little milk, before stirring in a woodsy blend of cinnamon and baking spice. Once everything is cooked and cooled, this dessert-in-a-glass is finished with a spike of classic Hennessey Cognac — though the bar also serves a nonalcoholic ’nog — and a touch of cask-aged maple syrup. Served up in a coup and garnished with plenty of fresh-grated nutmeg, this timeless holiday treat will take you back to Christmases of yore (and Brasserie Amie’s bar) again and again while it’s available, all December. $11 per glass; $6 N/A. Find Brasserie Amie at 160 E. Front St., in Traverse City. (231) 753-3161. www.brasserieamie.com


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