July 31, 2021

Broomstack’s Cubano

By Lynda Wheatley | June 12, 2021

You might expect a former schoolhouse turned restaurant and curling facility would be more sedate in its dining options. Or at least, with primarily Scottish or Canadian fare — the former said to be the early creator of the game; the latter its adoptive obsessor. In any case, you’d be wrong.

With a strikingly robust and creative menu, this sweet little spot in Maple City brings a little bit of everything good to your table. Serving up excellent pizza, burgers, salads, beer, and booze  — as any eatery that mixes sport with sustenance should — Broomstack’s kitchen also surprises with dishes like a divine beet salad with candied walnuts, a to-die-for starter of brussels sprouts crisped and seasoned to such perfection you’ll want to make a meal of it, a peanut-butter bacon burger worth trying, and — the winner of the night, in our eyes — the Cubano ($14), featuring garlic pork, a hefty hunk of ham, melty swiss, house pickles and Dijon served on a pressed and grilled brioche bun.

Smartly served with a subtly sweet stack of thick plantain chips, this dish treated every one of our taste receptors right. Though Broomstack’s curling season is sadly wrapping up for summer — a few hours of sliding and sweeping stones along an ice sheet is a delicious escape on a steamy summer night — its spacious restaurant remains cool, and its outdoor eating options, some under a shady tree, are aplenty.

Find Broomstack Kitchen and Taphouse at 172 W. Burdickville Rd., in Maple City. (231) 228-8869, eatdrinkcurl.com


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