April 21, 2021

CBC’s Michigan Beach Blonde — Resurrected

Bottoms Up
By Eric Cox | March 20, 2021

Like a primary color, blonde or golden ales are basic and ubiquitous in the American beer scene. At Bridge Street Tap Room, that scene is enriched by an active tap containing Michigan Beach Blonde ($6/pint, 5% ABV), a sturdy, clear and gilded beer produced by Grand Armory Brewing in Grand Haven.

Yes, you heard right. Michigan Beach Blonde is indeed produced in Grand Haven. But, yes, this froth has local roots, relying on a recipe from the recently-gone-but-never-forgotten Charlevoix Brewing Co., which closed in 2020 after a five-year run.

This sparkling glass of ale gets down to beer basics, with neither hops nor malts stealing the thunder. Their respective powers are refreshingly united and tastefully balanced in this wholly approachable delicious-with-anything offering. Pair Michigan Beach Blonde with one of Bridge Street Tap Room’s excellent soft pretzels — hot, bathed in butter, and accompanied by the delicious, one-of-a-kind Mike’s Mustard, another Charlevoix recipe we love.

Find Charlevoix’s Bridge Street Tap Room at 202 Bridge St., Charlevoix. (231) 437-3466, www.bridgestreettaproom.com.



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