November 28, 2023

Cellar 152’s Brauhaus Pretzel & Beer Cheese

By Anna Faller | Dec. 3, 2021

There’s something about the dark skies and early nightfall that makes evenings inside sound especially inviting in December. Of course, no proper hidey-hole would be complete without a healthy stash of snacks, and maybe a few libations to boot. That’s where Cellar 152 Pub and Provisions in Elk Rapids comes in. Originally established in 2015 as a destination wine bar, this under-the-radar retreat has since expanded to include an eclectic full-service menu with a focus on handmade and specialty fare. But before embracing that long winter’s nap, be sure to — literally — get your hands on their Pretzel and Beer Cheese. A shareable tapa intended for two, this classic Bavarian “Brauhaus” pretzel is brushed with butter right after baking, lovingly sprinkled with just enough kosher salt, and smartly served on a banana hanger with a generous pool of an aged cheddar blend spiked with Moosehead Canadian Lager. Pair one with a hearty pint — and many extra napkins because you’re sure to be scooping this stuff up without restraint. $14 at Cellar 152. 152 River St., Elk Rapids. (231) 264-9000.



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