March 31, 2023

Crooked Tree Breadworks’ Pub Nuts

By Anna Faller | Jan. 28, 2023

Snacking gets the grown-up treatment at Crooked Tree Breadworks in Petoskey, where scratch-made bread and pastry selections (the rye-flecked sourdough is a must-try) are traditionally baked with simple ingredients. Our recent obsession, though, is the Pub Nuts. The newest in the shop’s line of shelf-stable munchies—which also includes the Addictive Granola, as well as three other seasoned nut flavors—this delightfully crunchy snack comprises only roasted peanuts dusted in a proprietary seasoning blend. (The full recipe is a bakery secret, but we know it involves pineapple juice!) At once warm and savory with a hint of sweetness, these nuts are perfect when crushed as crusts for baking, sprinkled on salads, or paired alongside an ice-cold beer. Just don’t be surprised when you go back for seconds! Pub Nuts are available in 7-ounce tubs ($8.25) at Crooked Tree Breadworks (2264 M-119, Petoskey), or you can stock up via the online store at


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