April 14, 2021

Ethanology’s Hipster Tap Water

Bottoms Up
By Lynda Wheatley | March 13, 2021

Let the kids have their green beer. You, mature hipster, need neither artificial food colorants nor a kiss-entreating T-shirt proclaiming your adopted-for-a-day national pride. You need only a sweater befitting mid-March in Michigan and a short glass of Ethanology’s Hipster Tap Water. Its amalgam of ingredients — muddled coconut and rosemary, butterfly pea flower tea, coconut cream, and vodka — are utterly refreshing in and of themselves but in this era of fruit-and-citrus-dominated vodka cocktails, a recipe for downright delirium. Making the innovative mix even more complex, a light addition of a lavender tincture turns this beauty a brilliant blue. To make your moment with Hipster Tap Water ($12) — or any of the top-tier-tasting cocktails just revealed on Ethanology’s spring menu — even more memorable, we recommend you take advantage of cozying up in one of the six-person yurts, complete with wood-burning stove, for 75 minutes of spectacular sipping. (Note: Reservations will only be granted upon arrival to a single household of 6 people or fewer.) Find Ethanology at 127 Ames St., in Elk Rapid. (231) 498-2800, www.ethanologydistillation.com



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