June 19, 2021

Five Shores Brewing’s Blackberry Seltzer

Bottoms Up
By Amy Martin | May 15, 2021

Diving into its second year, Five Shores Brewing is known for its eclectic menu of carefully crafted beer styles, with an offering for all palates (yes, even for non beer-drinkers.) These quality brews are their primary focus, but they’ve recently taken the plunge into a new venture: craft seltzer.

The first of what plans to be a long line of bubbly bliss is Five Shores’ Blackberry Seltzer. Served in a stylish zombie glass, the first thing you’ll notice is the vibrant color — a pink hue reminiscent of hibiscus. Take a sip and enjoy a burst of ripe, juicy blackberry at the front of the palate, whisked away by delightfully effervescent bubbles for a dry yet refreshing finish. This seltzer was made for sunny days, either to be imbibed in Five Shores’ newly renovated beer garden, or off-site during your favorite outdoor adventure.

You can get a glass of Blackberry Seltzer for $5 or to-go in a 16-ounces can at 163 S. Benzie Blvd. in Beulah (conveniently only a block from Crystal Lake). fiveshoresbrewing.com, (231) 383-4400.



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