October 1, 2022

Happy's Taco Shop Lamb Pastrami Taquitos

By Lynda Wheatley | Sept. 11, 2021

We're suckers for lamb. We're also suckers for tacos. And so by extension, we are unrepentant inhalers of Happy's Taco Shop, those purveyors of tortilla-wrapped joy that have not one but two lamb items ensconced on their menu: the simple but flavorful lamb cheeseburger taco (secret sauce, chihuahua cheese, iceberg lettuce, onion, garlic pickles) and their aptly named Super Burrito, which offers among other options — meat, taters, shrimp, or extra pinto beans — their famed lamb cheeseburger wrapped up snuggly beside pinto beans, chihuahua cheese, salsa verde, chile sour cream, shredded cabbage, and tortilla strips. So imagine our joy at the appearance of Lamb Pastrami Taquitos last week. The lamb, raised at nearby Sweetgrass Farm, brings a tender, sweet-savory center to the flavorful, crackly-crisp shells. Dipped in a mouthwatering — not overwrought eye-watering — habanero and buttermilk sauce, these twin taquitos were a truly special special, one that'll keep us stalking their Insta page and trucks in hopes of a quick return. We suggest you do the same. Find Happy's Taco Shop at Petoskey's The Back Lot and Traverse City's Little Fleet, and follow them and their frequent and fabulous specials on Instagram @happystacoshop. 


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