March 6, 2021

Mama Lu’s Taco Tote

By Lynda Wheatley | Dec. 5, 2020

At Traverse City’s ever-pivoting Mama Lu’s, there are Taco Kits, and there are Taco Totes. The $60 Taco Kit feeds five to seven folks. The Taco Tote theoretically feeds a couple or small family, but if you’ve ever eaten Mama’s tacos or drank her secret-recipe margs, you know this is a lie.

Because, really, for only $20 a tote, do you really need to share with anyone else? Is it a crime to ingest, all by yourself, 10 delicious, authentic corn or flour shells (your choice) packed full of seasoned ground beef, shredded lettuce, tomato, jack cheese, and lime crema? It is not.

But if you feel guilty, simply wash it all down with a two-serving can of Mamu Lu’s margaritas (hint: Classic is outstanding; Mango is divine) and know that the $1 surcharge added to your check will be matched by Mamu Lu’s and distributed to staff laid off during the shutdown. Guilt officially absolved.

See the full carry-out menu at Limited menu also available for delivery. Current hours are 3:30pm–8:30pm Tuesday through Saturday. 149 E. Front St., (231) 943-2793


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