October 17, 2018

Moomers' Ice Cream Flights

By Janice Binkert | April 28, 2018

Moomers, situated on a knoll overlooking the Plummer family dairy farm just west of Traverse City, makes over 160 flavors of premium ice cream. Granted, the shop’s display case can only accommodate about 20 of those daily, but still…it’s so hard to choose! The happy solution: an ice cream flight, with five different scoops of your choice. We tried Lemon-Raspberry (sweet lemon base and melba-raspberry swirl), Honey-Cornbread (French-vanilla base, honey ripple and homemade cornbread pieces), Cherries Moobilee (black cherry base, local black sweet cherries, fudge brownie pieces and chocolate ripple), Mooberry (vanilla base, sliced tart-sweet local cherries and raspberry swirl), and Mint Chocolate Chip (crème de menthe base with mini chocolate chips). “We’ve had chocoholics come in and order a whole flight of chocolate varieties,” said Jon Plummer, co-owner of Moomers with his sister Becky and their parents, Nancy and Bob, who founded the venture 20 years ago this month. “I love farming and ice cream,” Jon said, “but it wasn’t until I had kids that I realized how great and fun working with my family is.” $6.99 at Moomers, 7263 North Long Lake Road, (231) 941-4122. moomers.com


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