April 18, 2021

Northern Latitudes’ Bernie’s Brandy

By Lynda Wheatley | Nov. 28, 2020

The legendary spirit of Bernie Rink — aka The Godfather of Northern Michigan Wine — has been, you might say, bottled. Northern Latitudes Distillery in Lake Leelanau just last week released its latest spirit, Bernie's Brandy, which is distilled from a blend of the late winemakers’ own Boskydel wines — specifically, those not yet bottled when Boskydel Vineyard closed in 2017.

At that time, Bernie Rink’s son Andy Rink mentioned to Northern Latitudes Distillery co-owner and distiller Mark Moseler that his dad had always wanted to have brandy made from his wine. Moseler said “say no more … ” and he and the younger Rink got to distilling and aging the blend, made predominately from De Chaunac grapes, in bourbon barrels.

Much like the notoriously, er … brutally blunt man who inspired it, the brandy is unique, rich in character, and said Mandy Moseler, “We are certain that Bernie would approve. Well … maybe!” Only available at Northern Latitudes Distillery, 112 E. Philip St. (M 204) in Lake Leelanau. www.northernlatitudesdistillery.com



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