November 25, 2020

Petoskey Fog

Bottoms Up
By Eric Cox | Nov. 7, 2020

An offshoot of Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company in Boyne City, North Perk Coffee in downtown Petoskey has a great neighborhood vibe enhanced by reasonable music at a conversational volume. Hardwood floors opposite a vintage tin ceiling railed with track lighting make this friendly little java stop a warm and welcoming retreat as winter winds build. North Perk, whose beans are roasted in Boyne City, relies on the formidable strength of its rich and varied coffee game, but it was a tasty-mellow hot tea drink that warmed our bellies.

Originated in Vancouver, the classic tea latte, London Fog, gets a new regionally appropriate name at North Perk — the Petoskey Fog. While the name is changed, the drink’s basic ingredients are in place, high quality, and executed perfectly. Earl Grey tea, vanilla syrup, and steamed whole milk combine to make an uber-smooth and creamy, not-too-sweet cup of comfort. The tea’s faint bergamot notes rise like ghosts from the beige mix, mingling a hint of vanilla dancing around with the silky milk, offering simple satisfaction on a shivering, showering, or snowy day. Find it at North Perk Coffee, 308 Howard St. (231) 753-2053,


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