June 19, 2021

Stockist Cold Brew Coffee

Bottoms Up
By Lynda Wheatley | May 22, 2021

Those in a business ruled by deadlines that barrel at you like an oncoming train tend to live or die by their morning (and afternoon and, more frequently than we’d ever admit to our family physician, evening) coffee. Mostly, we die — pot by acidic, stained pot. Those days we unchain from the desk and treat ourselves to a tumbler’s full from a real coffee shop are rare but prized.

Also prized but increasingly — and oh so excitingly — less rare: warm, sunny May days and evenings that feel more like summer than spring, and cans of Stockist Cold Brew Coffee you can stockpile in your fridge. Each inky sip of this northern Michigan-made joe is, much unlike our hot- or cold-brewed attempts at home, the epitome of smooth and strength.

Those with or coveting hair on their chest usually prefer it straight; those who love the true flavor of coffee but crave a bit of edge-softening balance will want to pour it over plenty of ice and add just a bit of creamy oat milk. Either way, a single can is an ideal wake-up call to seize any summer-like day. To catch that oncoming train, however, you might try two.

Stock up at Bubbie’s Bagels or Rose and Fern Cafe in Traverse City or Lakeview Hill Farm in Leelanau. 



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