November 30, 2023

Stormcloud’s One String Puppet

Bottoms Up
By Anna Faller | June 18, 2022

Ever heard of Phantasm thiol? It’s made from powdered New Zealand white grape skins, and it makes a pretty delicious beer. “It’s a brand-new product on the market,” says Stormcloud Brewing Company’s lead, Chris Schnapf. The moment he got his hands on the stuff, he knew he wanted to blow people’s minds. Enter: Stormcloud’s One String Puppet. The brewing process for this experimental IPA unlocks the flavors in the thiols (a sulfur compound) by means of a special strain of yeast. The result is a gorgeously tropical palette reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc. Finished with Calypso hop oil—which lends that distinctive citrus snap without the added bitterness—the result is a hazy IPA to cover all your summer bases. Balanced by a juicy nose and bursting with guava and passionfruit flavors, One String Puppet pairs well with shrimp piccata, gochujang, or anything with sticky barbeque sauce. Turns out science is pretty tasty. Try a pint ($7) or grab a 4-pack ($20) at Stormcloud Brewing Company in Frankfort. (231) 352-0118. 


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