September 16, 2021

Tap 30’s Blood Orange Paloma

By Lynda Wheatley | Aug. 28, 2021

As refreshing as the standard vodka soda or gin and tonic can be on a hot day, those of us who’ve spent this summer’s welcome multitude of sizzling afternoons and evenings sucking down such clear and present Plain Janes are, well … maybe just a wee bit bored by now. Spoiled, perhaps. But no matter. An equally uncomplicated but significantly more special thirst-quencher is being slung (slang?) from Tap 30’s well-appointed bar in Petoskey, and its reliable mastery of balancing both sweet and sour against a wallop of spare but flavorful spirits — in this case, one of our favorite silver tequilas, Blue Nectar, against a dash of Solerno and lime juice, a squirt of agave, and a sparkling splash of blood orange soda. The result is a bracing and truly refreshing summer cocktail that actually tastes like a cocktail — and tastes even better on the eatery’s spacious greenery-encircled outdoor deck set right on Mitchell Street. Spoil yourself as long as September's temps see fit to do the same. $11. Find Tap 30 at 442 E. Mitchell St., in Petoskey. (2310 881-9572,


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