June 29, 2022

Traverse City Whiskey Co.’s Lakeside Peach

Bottoms Up
By Craig Manning | May 28, 2022

In our opinion, there is no fruit that screams “summertime” as loudly as a fresh, juicy peach. (Okay, except maybe an equally fresh, juicy cherry.) How fitting, then, that Traverse City Whiskey Co. is kicking off summer 2022 by introducing a brand-new, peach-infused bourbon whiskey. For years, TC Whiskey’s flagship product has been its “American Cherry Edition,” a whiskey that works because it strikes a perfect balance between the sweet-tartness of the cherry and the boozy punch of the bourbon. By taking a “less is more” approach—a hint of cherry rather than a cloyingly sweet barrage—the American Cherry Edition won over whiskey snobs who typically turn their noses up at fruit-infused spirits. Similarly, the new Lakeside Peach whiskey gives you that unmistakable summertime flavor of fresh peaches, but still allows the rich complexity of the bourbon to take center stage. We recommend grabbing a bottle ASAP, especially since this whiskey is billed as a “limited edition.” See where you can find it at tcwhiskey.com.


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