February 19, 2020

Miles Davis – The Lost Quintet – SNR

By Kristi Kates | Jan. 25, 2020

Davis’ “lost quintet” was quite a quintet: Davis, along with Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Holland, and Wayne Shorter. While the five musicians never got into an actual recording studio together, two recordings from their late ’60s European tour were captured via a radio performance in Rotterdam (read: bootleg), and this is one of them, recently discovered and remastered after being lost for years. On it, the quintet performs alternate versions of several of Davis’ own tunes, in an energetic and prescient jazz performance Davis (or Corea, DeJohnette, Holland, or Wayne Shorter) fans won’t want to miss. ***

Goodnight, Texas – A Long Life of Living – Tallest Man Records
Named after a small town halfway between the hometowns of bandmates Patrick Dyer Wolf and Avi Vinocur, this collection of tunes evokes rural America, the vast spaces that require long drives in pickup trucks and the musical magic that arises along the way. Blending vintage blues with more modern, hooky folk á la Mumford and Sons, the pair zips easily through storytelling tracks like “Meet Me at the Smokestack” and even folkier numbers like “Car Parts and Linens” and “Plan of Attack.” ***

Ole Børud – Outside the Limit 
Norwegian musician Børud has managed to tap into the authentic feel of American Yacht Rock with his latest effort, which is anchored in ’70s oldster sounds and recollects everything from Chicago to Donald Fagan. Opener “Put My Money” digs right into those Corvette vibes with its soulful feel, while the title track adds in grooving horns. In the balladry department, Børud offers up the mid-tempo “Can’t Pretend,” with hints of Toto, and the more radio-ready R&B of “Blaming Game.” If you like a good throwback, you’ll enjoy this. ** ½

Joaquin Sabina – Vinagre Y Rosas – AG
The translated title is what you’re probably guessing — “vinegar and roses” — and that’s also an apt description for the diverse tunes in this set from Sabina. On the sharper side of the album are tracks like the aggressive “Crisis,” an unexpected rocker; and “Tiramisu de Limon,” which also features an intense dose of electric guitar. And in the set’s quieter moments, Sabina’s backing band backs off to allow room for the basement jazz of “Nombres Impropios” and the slight twists of “Blues del Alambique.” ** ½


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