October 22, 2019

Tom Holkenborg – Mortal Engines Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

By Kristi Kates | Jan. 26, 2019

With its modernized, cutting-edge feel, Holkenborg’s tracks for Mortal Engines click right into place alongside the film itself, a futuristic romp in which cities literally roll around the globe and battle each other. Holkenborg — whom you might also know as Junkie XL — does some epic work with these sounds (his first soundtrack since Mad Max: Fury Road), blending spacy soundscapes with more bombastic audio ventures to keep right up with each ever-moving metropolis. You’ll likely keep “London Suite in C Major” and “No Going Back” both on repeat. ***

Danny Elfman – Batman (Original Score) Re-Released –Mondo
When Batman movies are in short supply, one sure way to relive that Batcave magic is through the music of Elfman, who gave those distinctive sounds to Tim Burton’s version of the caped super (anti-)hero 30 years ago. Celebrating that anniversary, Mondo is reissuing Elfman’s original score here, from the hallmark opener (“The Batman Theme”) through “Descent Into Mystery,” “The Joker’s Poem,” “Charge of the Batmobile,” and “The Final Confrontation,” all with Elfman’s wry spin. They’ve also made it available on 180-gram vinyl for the dedicated collector. ***
Various Artists – Adventure Time: Come Along with Me (Original Soundtrack)– Mondo
Make a stop in the Land of Ooo for the series finale of the long-running (10 years), critically acclaimed Cartoon Network series that features Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and crew as they try to prevent the Great Gum War. Their allies? Quite likely some of these standout pop songs by show composer Tim Kiefer and singer-songwriter Rebecca Sugar, including “Happening Happened,” the underground indie hit “Island Song” (which fans know closed every episode), and the standout “Time Adventure.” ***
John Duprez – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Original Score– Waxwork Records
Also in the redux market (movie score fans, this is your lucky week!) is this score, perfect for all the ’90s kids who spent hours watching their favorite heroes in a half-shell. The first soundtrack set (which included MC Hammer) got a release in 1999, but this full score by composer Duprez never really got above the pavement until now. The bonus for waiting: You can also get it on double vinyl, with everything from “Their Greatest Fear” to “Trouble” fusing traditional action-movie score with retro synths and squealing guitars. ** ½


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