September 23, 2023

A Leg Up on the SUP Competition

Stuff We Love
By Lynda Wheatley | July 2, 2022

You can celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, burgers, and a boatload of friends and family. Or you can go independent by shoving off from any shore atop the Mirage iEclipse. Touted as the first inflatable, pedal-powered standup board, the “i” version has an extra-wide standing platform, inflates to a super rigid 10psi, yet can pack up and go anywhere you do—a shoreline at the end of a two-track road or deserted beach included. The Mirage iEclipse lets your hands rest on a removable two-piece handlebar while your legs do the work—but never too much, because the board is outfitted with Hobie’s own “MirageDrive GT pedal propulsion,” making easy work of speeding across the water and steering. Comes with a high-pressure hand pump, a high-volume electric pump, and a rolling travel bag. $2,549 MSRP. We found it at The Outfitter, 153 E. Main St., Harbor Springs, (231) 526-2621,


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