October 17, 2021

Big-time Small-town Pride

Stuff We Love
By Lynda Wheatley | Sept. 18, 2021

Wee McBain has held the honor of being the eighth smallest city in Michigan but that doesn’t mean its 650-some residents don’t have a huge heap of pride in the place they call home.

The evidence: The frequency at which Cornerstone Coffee has to re-order its popular “Bainer” sweatshirts.

Credit fall-sports fever and some savvy citizen preparedness for cooling October temps — or assume they’re just another genius idea from shop owner DaNay Tossey. Despite being mom to six kids and owner of another small business in town, Tossey wows us again and again with her entrepreneurial savvy.

Take for example, Cornerstone’s coffee flights (like wine or beer flights, but with a variety of coffee concoctions and generating a whole other kind of buzz); half-gallon bags (with pourable spouts) of coffee to go; and Wanda, the shop’s vintage camper-cum-cute-as-a-button coffeehouse on wheels, available for weddings and events.

Kinda makes us wish we were Bainers, too. www.cornerstonecoffeemcbain.com


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