January 16, 2022

Cafe Sante’s Vienna Pancakes

By Anna Faller | Jan. 15, 2022

Picture it: a breakfast eatery on a sun-washed morning along the Danube. You, with a cappuccino in hand and crepes on your plate. Now imagine that same taste of perfection — but without the pesky time-zone change. Enter Café Sante in Boyne City. Open since 2010, the eatery boasts a bistro-inspired menu that combines old-world recipes with regional ingredients. “It’s a lot of fun reinventing foods that you don’t see on menus today,” says chef and manager Kyle Marshall. But few things comprise the same je ne sais quoi as Sante’s Euro-style Vienna Pancakes. A menu staple and staff favorite alike, these babies are finally back on the menu following a short hiatus this autumn, and they’re selling like, well, hotcakes. Carefully crafted from scratch-made batter, quotidian pancakes these are not. “They’re thin, almost crepe-like,” Marshall says, and they’re griddled to crispy-golden perfection. To serve, chefs drench each three-cake portion in a citrus-spiked pistachio butter and house-whipped sweet cream. Finished with local Korthase Sugar Bush maple syrup and a sprinkling of fresh forest fruit — we’re looking at you, winter blackberries — these delicious darlings are missing nothing but you in a jaunty beret. $14. Find Café Sante at 1 Water Street, Boyne City. (231) 582-8800. www.magnumhospitality.com


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