June 19, 2021

Celebrate a King … or Just Feel Like One

Michilimackinac fun for June 5 and beyond
By Lynda Wheatley | May 29, 2021

While the rest of what seems like the world boards ferries bound for Mackinac Island’s venerable annual Lilac Festival (running June 4–13 in this, its 73rd fragrant year), you, Limey, shall embark on a far more rebellious pursuit: the June 4 celebration of King George III’s birthday at Colonial Michilimackinac. For those unfamiliar with history, King George III began ruling Great Britain and Ireland in 1760 when he was only 12. During his next 59 years, he would go on to unite those two kingdoms, oversee the British victory of the Seven Years’ War, lead his country’s successful fight against France, and … well, lose America and go insane.

Still, his birthday held a special place in the hearts of the British soldiers and civilians living at Michilimackinac in 1778 and was feted accordingly.

In 2021, the interpretive staff at Michilimackinac will do the same — with artillery fire, drinks, treats, and other special programs, all included with your regular Colonial Michilimackinac admission price.

Can’t make that particular party? You can do lots more than blow out birthday candles if you’re lucky enough to nab the single daily reservation for Guns Across the Straits June 5 through Oct. 7. That's where you'll learn about then fire off all of the fort’s black powder weapons when the fort closes each night: a short land musket, a wall gun (a BIG musket, they say), a Coehorn mortar, and — boom! — a cannon.

This first-time-ever opportunity will be available only to one Colonial Michilimackinac guest each day ($150 for non-Mackinac Associates). Search “King George” and “Guns Across the Straits” at www.mackinacparks.com to learn more or reserve your spot, Shooter. 


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