May 19, 2022

Slip-slidin’ Away in Fife Lake

Carly’s Hill Cardboard Classic Snow Fun Day
By Lynda Wheatley | Jan. 22, 2022

Helmets and ingenuity required; cardboard, Duct tape, glue, and string helpful: The 8th Annual Carly’s Hill Cardboard Classic Snow Fun Day runs 11am to 3pm Saturday, Jan. 29, at Springfield Park & Recreation Area in Fife Lake. Make and bring your own cardboard sled for a chance to win prizes and go sledding, plus join in safety games, get your kids’ helmet fit correctly, and take your littlest ones on a special toddler sledding hill. Warm up with hot drinks by the bonfire or scoot into the warming building — all free. Lunch is available for purchase. Registration of sleds happens 11am-noon. The distance run contest starts at 1pm. (231) 384-0406. 



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