November 25, 2020

Fig’s Chicken Nacho

By Lynda Wheatley | Nov. 7, 2020

We were bereft when we discovered the 2020 closure of Fig’s Breakfast and Lunch in Lake Leelanau. We had just profiled this amazing-meals-come-out-of-small-cafés gem, its husband/wife owners Jaimee and Bryon Figueroa, and their innovative menu (coconut French toast! Yak burgers! Celery corn chowder!) menu in September 2019. 

Alas, we shook our fists at at the sky. We cursed the COVID-19. And then, last week, we went to drink away our sorrows at Traverse City’s State Street Market bar and — lo and behold — Fig’s LIVES! 

This little outpost of amazingness has lost none of its game in going after the evening crowd. A glimpse of just three of its six sweet evening offerings: Diablo Eggs ($8, free-range chicken eggs, cayenne candied bacon, roasted black pepper, house-made hot sauce and roasted chili relish), spaghetti squash fritters ($11), and Fig’s chicken nacho ($16, shown above, with Otto’s pulled chicken, house-friend tortilla chips, hot cheddar sauce, pickled veggies, black beans, house cheese, and house hot sauce).

And just like that, we — and Fig’s — were home. Find Fig's and its ever-changing menu at 329 E. State St., Traverse City, and search “Fig’s Breakfast and Lunch” on Facebook to follow its occasional weekend morning pop-ups.


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