April 23, 2024

The Good Bowl’s “Vu-Tang” Chili Crisp

By Anna Faller | Jan. 14, 2023

On the hunt for that magic ingredient to take your cooking up a notch? The Good Bowl has your next go-to, and it puts the rest of our spice rack to shame. Enter: “Vu-Tang” Chili Crisp. Named for executive chef Tony Vu (and the ’90’s hip-hop Clan), this versatile chili oil contains upwards of 21 complex spices—headlined by Sichuan pepper—and finishes with the savory crunch of fried garlic and shallot pieces. It is traditionally used as a flavorful seasoning (a standalone dipping sauce this is not), and Chef Vu recommends Chili Crisp as an ingredient in stir-fries or broths, or as a garnish for an extra spicy bite. Pair it with the eatery’s scratch-made Sriracha, and your tongue might never recover! Stock up on The Good Bowl’s full line of shelf-stable sauces and marinades (priced from $9-$12), at their Traverse City storefront (328 E. Front Street), or place an order online at goodbowleatery.com. (231) 252-2662


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