August 12, 2020

Yankee Boy’s Cheesecake

By Todd VanSickle | May 18, 2019

Saving room for dessert can be a tough task, especially when a restaurant serves good food. But save yourself from this dilemma and order the cheesecake first at the Yankee Boy in South Boardman — you won’t regret it. Unlike most cheesecakes, this homemade dessert is not dense. The lemon cheesecake is creamy, airy, fresh, and decadent all in one bite. Topped with whipped cream and a lemon ganache, “everything is homemade on it,” said server April LaMar, Yankee Boy’s self-described “dessert pusher.” From week to week, the family-run restaurant features other cheesecake flavors like caramel apple, amaretto, Baileys Irish Pumpkin, and cinnamon roll (pictured), to name just a few. LaMar said the cheesecakes are in high demand but can be special ordered. Each cheesecake consists of 12 slices — just enough to feed a family of four breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Find it: 5026 US 131 SW, South Boardman, (231) 369-2821. Open Monday through Saturday 7am–9pm, Sundays 7am–6pm.


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