March 19, 2019

Todd VanSickle | Author

Grille 44's Tater Kegs

March 16, 2019

The first item on the menu at Grille 44 is Tater Kegs. There’s no beer in this potato-packing appetizer, but its oversized tots won’t leave you wondering where the name originated from. The dish includes a half-dozen huge tater tots smothered in cheddar cheese, bacon, and fres... Read More >>

Tipping Point

Feb. 23, 2019

Thanks to credit cards and in-phone apps, customers today are carrying less cash than ever, yet it seems like the instances in which they’re expected — or being asked — to tip are increasing. Northern Express dips into the proliferation of countertop tip jars and scr... Read More >>

Bee Well’s The Ghost

Feb. 23, 2019

The Ghost at Bee Well Mead & Cider in Bellaire won’t scare you, but it will leave you feeling warm — er, make that hot— and fuzzy. Just don’t let this cider’s near translucent appearance fool you. This unique drink, which is infused with a slew of hot pep... Read More >>

Kalkaska Pick-Kwik's Pulled Pork Tacos

Feb. 16, 2019

In a town chock-full of fast food restaurants, tasty tacos can be hard to find. “People think Kalkaska doesn’t have tacos,” Glenn Hunter tells Northern Express. But come Taco Tuesday, the owner of the town’s Pick Kwik convenience store proves ’em all wrong. T... Read More >>

Locked & Loaded

Feb. 2, 2019

Despite larger and louder movements against guns and gun violence, gun ownership in Michigan is on the rise, and with it, lots of new ranges and gunshops. Northern Express sends an amiable (and non-gun-owning) reporter to see what all the fuss is about.
...

The Vape Debate

Jan. 5, 2019

I have never smoked a cigarette.

Not even one puff.

I think it was the smell that turned me off. At an early age, the stench was burned into my memory.

I can’t think of one family member who didn’t smoke cigarettes.

On the weekends, ...

This Winter: A Whiteout or a Wash?

Dec. 15, 2018

On a cold, snowy December morning at 6 a.m., National Weather Service meteorologist Sabrina Jauernic puts on her coat and gloves to walk about 200 yards to a building that resembles a small observatory. It houses several hydrogen tanks that are used to fill weather balloons twice a day th... Read More >>