February 8, 2023

Zest’s Dragonfruit Bowl

By Lynda Wheatley | Nov. 27, 2021

Once you wake up from your Turkey Day tryptophan coma — some time in the afternoon on Saturday, Nov. 27, we’d guess, right about the time this paper hits newsstands and Mom’s back in the kitchen turning several pounds of leftover protein into turkey soup, turkey tetrazzini, turkey sandwiches, et all — we recommend a nice brisk walk.

Take it directly to Zest Plant-based Kitchen in Traverse City, where you’ll find an entire menu of options, not one of which includes turkey, to reawaken you and your tastebuds. We’ve tried several dishes and daily specials galore, but one stupendous standard we keep coming back to is Zest’s Dragonfruit Bowl, a bright, zingy, and extended energy-inducing blend of frozen dragonfruit, banana, strawberries and coconut milk topped with super tart (and nutritious) goji berries, coconut flakes, and sliced strawberries.

Think it’s too much a taste of summer for a cold November day? You’re wrong. There’s also a generous pile of pumpkin seeds on top. Indulge at your leisure — this time, without regret or your Rip Van Winkle imitation. $14. Find Zest at 439 E. Front St. (231) 421-3141, zesttc.com.



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