March 23, 2023

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The Luck of the Michigander: Seven Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Northern Michigan

Each year, people all over the North gear up for the holiday of green: St. Patrick’s Day. And for 2023, we’re all feeling extra lucky because St. Patrick’s Day takes place on a Friday—ideal for all the shindigs featuring stout and songs, merriment and mirth. Open up your calendars; here are seven can’t-miss events occurring ... Read More >>

The Lost Art of Valentines: Three spots to find (or make) the perfect card

Remember the days of giving valentines in elementary school? Of perfecting each card and sentiment and placing each sparkly sticker? (Or writing the names of your kid’s classmates for them because valentines were the last thing on their mind?) The older we get, the more the Valentine’s Day card becomes a lost art. When was ... Read More >>

13 Fresh Ways to Embrace a NoMI Winter

As we all know, winters in northern Michigan can be long. So, in the name of staving off cabin fever and embracing the season, we’ve collected a handful of activities that may pique your interest while also keeping you active, engaged, and breathing in the fresh air in the coming weeks. *Be sure to check ... Read More >>

Snowshoe Mania

A renewed interest in one of the oldest forms of bipedal transportation—at least for the winter months—has bloomed in the last decade, blending ancient cultures with technological advances that have made the sport more accessible and enjoyable. Combine a fascination with nature, a need to disconnect from the buzz of daily life, and little required ... Read More >>

From Blog to Brick-and-Mortar Store

Sometimes great ideas start small. It could be a word or phrase that inspires a novel, an overlooked ingredient that alters an entire recipe, or a glimpse of a sunset that provokes a painted masterpiece. And sometimes, that little inkling takes the form of a blog that sparks an idea for a store. Situated in ... Read More >>

A Strong Sense of Craft

Ahh, the holiday season, that magical time of year when we bust out our hot glue guns, knitting needles, special scissors, and fancy trimmings to decorate and create with joyous abandon. Sometimes we feel inclined to make gifts for friends and family, and other times we just want to get crafty. Read on to explore ... Read More >>

So Much More Than a Credit Card Holiday

We all talk about Hallmark holidays—looking at you, Valentine’s Day—but no one ever discusses credit card holidays. Perhaps that’s because there’s really only one of note: American Express’ Small Business Saturday. Started in 2010 during the recession, Small Business Saturday takes place the weekend following Thanksgiving as a foil to Black Friday. It promotes shopping ... Read More >>

Making the Pitch

Every day, we share our dreams with the world. We pitch our ideas to friends, coworkers, family members, baristas—anyone who’ll listen to us about what we think the next big thing could be or the plans we have for the future. But what if you were given an actual elevator pitch opportunity, on stage, in ... Read More >>

To Gray or Not to Gray?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself this question while gazing in the mirror and spotting yet another silver hair amid the black, brown, blonde, or red. Men have long embraced the distinguished “touch of gray” look, but women often get the short end of the silver fox stick, with the stigma of looking old rather than refined. ... Read More >>

The Votes Are In for NoMi!

It’s election week, and while most news stories out there take a more political approach, we’ve decided to share some less controversial, more down-to-earth votes from around northern Michigan. Here are the Up North spots that have hit No 1. in competitions across the country. (We recommend reading while you enjoy a scoop of Cherries ... Read More >>