September 21, 2020

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Your guide to the perfect Northern Michigan Picnic

Whether it’s on the sandy shores of Little Traverse Bay, the banks of the Boardman River, the rocky perimeter of Mackinac Island, or the woodsy trails of an Up North forest, a well-planned picnic is a great way to celebrate a Northern Michigan summer.   But how to achieve such outdoor dining perfection?  It’s easy, with all of the offerings available ... Read More >>

Northwest Airlines braces for August 20 crash landing

Hundreds of Northwest Airlines employees are bracing for a possible strike or a lock-out on August 20 in an industry-shaking event that could have an impact on airports in Northern Michigan. Northwest is a major carrier at both the Pellston Regional Airport and Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City with up to six flights per ... Read More >>

Art in Public Places honors Eddi

Art supporter, the late eddi Offield, has been honored by her friends in the creative community with the placement of a new ”Homage to eddi” sculpture in the Mitchell Street courtyard in Petoskey. Michigan sculptor Paul Varga was commissioned in 2002 to create an original piece of art that would serve as the eddi Award. ... Read More >>

Fresh Eats Up North: Welcome to the Pellston Market

After 20 years in the catering business, Nancy Kelly decided it was time to find a little more space. The perfect solution? The old Anderson Oil gas station in Pellston, which Nancy has turned into the upscale and European-exotic Pellston Market, a real cook’s market right here in Northern Michigan that offers everything from organic ... Read More >>

Random Thoughts

Common sense could prevent next 9/11 The arrest of three men charged with attempting to sell up to 50 shoulder-mounted missiles last week provides a reminder that it‘s not a matter of “if“ there will be another major terrorist attack, but “when.“ A British suspect was arrested in Newark, New Jersey after agreeing to sell ... Read More >>

Drawing the Line in Petoskey: ‘Peace Warriors‘ of all Ages Voice their Opposition

They used to call it “Northern Michigan mentality.“ People moved to thetip of Michigan‘s mitt from “down below“ to get away from it all, and then sent their convictions and consciences on permanent vacation, refusing to dirtythemselves with politics. Looking at numbers of people who turned out on Jan. 18 for anti-wardemonstrations in Petoskey, refusal ... Read More >>

Becoming Life Partners... & the Unanticipated Consequences of Foul Weather

A little over three years ago, I married my life partner. We have an enviably functional relationship, and everything we do together is easier and more fun than it would be alone. Some people would say we are together because we are both persons of great integrity and determination, who have been through many experiences ... Read More >>