September 19, 2019

Patrick Sullivan | Author

The Saga of a City

April 20, 2019

Manistee became a city 150 years ago, in 1869, which makes it one of the oldest cities in northern Michigan. By contrast, while both Manistee and Traverse City first saw white settlers descend upon American Indian lands in the 1840s, Traverse City didn’t become a city, officially, u... Read More >>

Our Bee Colonies Aren’t Collapsing. Yet

April 13, 2019

If the Farmland Pollinator Protection Project is successful, it will offer some of the region’s fields two benefits for the price of one.

It will bolster habitat for bees, a population that’s been under stress lately, while at the same time create acres of dazzling ... Read More >>

On the Outside Looking In

March 23, 2019

Michael Ward’s relatives, at least, have deep roots in the Up North art scene.
Ward’s brother-in-law is Rick Daigh, an artist whose work was selected for the 2019 Northwest Michigan Regional Juried Exhibition at the Dennos Museum Center. Daigh’s son, Eric Daigh, who... Read More >>

Metal Scrapper Murder

March 16, 2019

The day that 64-year-old Frederic resident Dennis Everson went missing was a busy one for his two partners. The pair, downstaters who salvaged and soldscrap metal with Everson, made several hauls, according to records investigators dug up.
For Matthew Franklin Smith, 37, ...

14 Breweries in One Day

March 9, 2019

Kevin McKinney started out 2018 with an ambitious goal. He’d started a blog the year before called Michigan Brewery Review, which serves as not only a creative outlet but also a justification to spend his free time travelling the state in search of craft beer. In 2018, he decided to... Read More >>

The Biggest Road Construction Projects Up North: 2019

Feb. 23, 2019

There’s lots of roadwork planned for the upcoming construction season. Whether you regularly travel along Eighth Street in Traverse City, find yourself driving through Petoskey, or plan to head downstate via M-72 through Grayling, you’d better budget a little more time for... Read More >>

Northern Michigan’s Safety Net is Broken

Feb. 16, 2019

A change in how the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services processes applications for benefits like food stamps and emergency heating assistance was supposed to increase efficiency and ensure that clients get processed more quickly.

Instead, the new system, which was ...

Lost in the Lake

Feb. 9, 2019

Losing a loved one to drowning is one kind of terrible tragedy. Not knowing where their body is, except that it’s out there in a certain section of water, is another kind altogether.
That’s something Kelly Dalton said she learned after her son, 21-year-old Tyler Lee Spink... Read More >>

What if you hold a Gamblers Anonymous meeting and no one comes?

Feb. 2, 2019

For the handful of people who regularly attend Traverse City’s twice-weekly Gamblers Anonymous meetings, something is amiss: New people rarely show up, and when they do, they almost always drop out after just a meeting or two.

“So many people come for a week or mont... Read More >>

Lame Duck Fallout

Jan. 26, 2019

Four bills state legislators passed during its lame duck session have transformed Michigan’s environmental policy.

One sweeping new law prevents the state from enacting environmental standards that are stricter than federal standards, except in certain cases. Another roll... Read More >>

The $365,000 Question

Jan. 19, 2019

After a year of in-depth study, the Grand Traverse County Road Commission is preparing to unveil several options to improve east-west traffic flow around Traverse City.
They plan to host a public meeting in February to announce the options, but in the meantime, officials are keeping ... Read More >>

The Road to Health

Jan. 5, 2019

There’s a movement afoot to improve the health of the Grand Traverse region, and it might begin by reimagining Traverse City’s Eighth Street, between Boardman and Railroad avenues, as a “health district” — an area designed to promote walking, biking, and conn... Read More >>

Nicole Blonshine Isn't Your Average Rural Township Supervisor.

Dec. 29, 2018

When Nicole Blonshine won the position of Blair Township supervisor in 2016, one of the Republican’s first goals as leader of the growing, partly rural area south of Traverse City was to start earning the area some positive press.

She did things like organize a cleanup ef... Read More >>

The Great Flu Pandemic of 1918

Dec. 15, 2018

Imagine driving north from Traverse City, attempting to head into Leelanau County through Greilickville, but at the Grand Traverse County line, police have put up a blockade.

Leelanau County has been quarantined, and you face a choice: Turn back, or get arrested.

Th...

How Much Northern Michigan Trash Really Gets Recycled?

Dec. 8, 2018

Depending on where you live, you might have curbside recycling, or you might have to drive to a drop-off location. In some places, you might have to drive to a nearby township to properly get rid of your recyclable paper and plastic and metal debris; what’s accepted varies from plac... Read More >>

An Audacious Goal for Leelanau County

Dec. 1, 2018

Northport Energy was founded a decade ago with a singular mission: to make the tip of Leelanau County completely green.

The group hasn’t gotten there yet, but it’s had some significant achievements. Members have helped establish one of the first “net zero” ... Read More >>

Northern Michigan's Nuclear Risk

Nov. 24, 2018

In 1997, Charlevoix’s Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant was rechristened Big Rock Point Restoration Project, and a massive decommissioning project began.

Soon, little was left of the historic nuclear plant, and spent nuclear fuel was put into temporary on-site storage to... Read More >>

The White Shoal Beckons

Nov. 17, 2018

There was something in Brent Tompkins’ landlocked childhood that instilled in him a love of lighthouses.

When the 44-year-old remodeler learned of a chance to buy not just a lighthouse, but perhaps the most iconic lighthouse on the Great Lakes, Tompkins jumped at the oppo... Read More >>

A Nobody, or a Drug Kingpin?

Nov. 12, 2018

Conflicting testimony has complicated the prosecution of a woman whom authorities allege supplied the drugs in what’s believed to be Leelanau County’s first-ever opiate overdose death.

What makes the development all the more confounding is that the conflicting testimon... Read More >>


Nov. 10, 2018

The Carl D. Bradleywas headed to port in Manitowoc, Wisconsin on Nov. 18, 1958, to put in for the winter so that badly needed repairs to its rusty cargo hold could be completed.

The ship suddenly received orders to change course and head to its home port of Rogers City, Michiga... Read More >>