July 3, 2020

Ross Boissoneau | Author

The Time to Sell? Now.

May 4, 2019

If you liked 2018, the sequel looks to be even better. Real estate sales will continue to be strong for the rest of this year, according to those in the know. “We’re seeing good activity,” said Michael Cnudde, broker with Coldwell Banker A.L.M. of Manistee. “People... Read More >>

Paul Reiser Returns to His First Love

April 20, 2019

Paul Reiser is no stranger to audiences. He’s successfully navigated television, from My Two Dads to Mad About You to Stranger Things. He’s appeared in movies, such as Aliens, Beverly Hills Cop, and Whiplash. He’s wri... Read More >>

Let the Sculpture Challenge Begin!

April 13, 2019

If the budding trees and increasingly blue skies don’t inspire you to head out for a spring stroll, maybe this will: April 27 is International Sculpture Day, a singular day the International Sculpture Center created to get people seeing sculptures and thinking about the artform and ... Read More >>

Trombonist Billy Gauthier Started a Jazz Band in 1978.

April 13, 2019

Over the course of its 40 years of existence, Northwestern Michigan College’s Big Band has seen conductors come and go (and sometimes come again). Scores of musicians have passed through its ranks. It’s even spawned another big band, while performing music by a host of the gen... Read More >>

Must-have Items for Spring

April 13, 2019

It’s spring (some days, anyway), and rumor has it summer is right behind. Once stripped of our bulky parkas, hats, and boots, what will we need to stay in step with the styles and update ourselves in accordance with the warmer weather? We asked several stores across the region to pi... Read More >>

Putting a Ring on It?

April 6, 2019

One ring to rule them all? Not any more. National trends, backed up by local experts, point to variety — more colors, more stones, and more shapes— being the spice of engagement and wedding rings these days.
According to wedding-everything site The Knot, pear,...

Beyond the Ballroom

April 6, 2019

Northern Michigan is famed for being a great setting for weddings. But beyond its familiar township halls and many beautiful resort ballrooms, there are a number of ceremony and reception sites of all sizes and styles that not everyone knows about. We went to work digging up a list of alt... Read More >>

Joe’s Empire Ale & Joe’s Friendly Root Beer

March 30, 2019

The preponderance of brewpubs and craft brews has so impacted local bars and restaurants that many have had specialty beers made and branded specifically for their establishment. Joe’s Friendly Tavern in Empire goes that one better. Not only does it offer Joe’s Empire Ale ($5 ... Read More >>

Spring (& Summer) Revivals

March 30, 2019

For vacationers, northern Michigan offers a host of things to do: Festivals, music, biking and hiking, boating, golfing, swimming. But if you just want to get away from it all — or learn how to do so — there are any number of people and places willing to help.

East Meets West Meets … North

March 30, 2019

Used to be that things like yoga and acupuncture were considered unconventional, — even downright weird, with no proven benefits. Today, those and other alternative therapies might not quite be mainstream, but they’re regarded as legitimate means of treating or preventing dise... Read More >>

If They Only Had an App …

March 30, 2019

Spark in the Dark is hoping to provide more than just a spark. Hopefully it’ll ignite a blazing fire — if it can secure an ACT grant through USA Today. The local nonprofit is vying with other organizations from around the country for part of $2 million in grant monies.


One-Tank Road Trips

March 16, 2019

No, it won’t be 80 degrees and you won’t be on the beach. But there are plenty of things to do and enjoy if your break means staying home, or at least nearby. These options for a daytrip/daycation are all within 2½ hours of Traverse City.
For starters, ...

Spring Break in Your Own Backyard

March 16, 2019

You’ve sprung ahead, and now you’re looking to spring somewhere nearby.Not to worry. The region offers plenty of fun. Sure, you can do the usual: Traverse City Children’s Museum, Kilwin’s chocolate factory tour in Charlevoix, bowli... Read More >>

“Electric Folk” To Sit Down and Listen To

March 9, 2019

The Scottish band Heron Valley is performing for the first time in the region on March 17 at Crooked Tree Arts Center.

The group is comprised of six friends from Argyll: piper/guitarist/whistle player Euan McNab; banjo player and drummer Nick Hamilton; keyboardist Arlene Mackechni... Read More >>

L’Chayim Breakfast Bagels

March 9, 2019

Fast-food breakfast? No thank you — not when you can get a freshly baked hot bagel sandwich to kick off your day. The crunchy crust of the bagels (made in-house, of course) keep the heat in, so the last bite is every bit as warm and tasty as the first. As for the other kind of heat,... Read More >>

StrongBrew: NITRO Cold Brew Coffee & Chai Tea

March 9, 2019

Coffee in a can? Why not? Troy Daily has added two new products to his StrongBrew beverage line: StrongBrew NITRO Cold Brew Coffee and Elevated Cold Brew Chai Tea have joined the original StrongBrew Cold Brew Coffee. NITRO Cold Brew Coffee is infused with nitrogen bubbles, but doesn&rsquo... Read More >>

Sober St. Patty’s

March 9, 2019

You don’t need to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day, and despite what the North’s many packed pubs and bars indicate each year, there are other ways to celebrate the holiday without guzzling a gallon of green beer. Here are our picks for getting in the Irish spirit bef... Read More >>

Greens from Northport, All Year Long

Feb. 23, 2019

Baby basil. Tiny little leeks. Miniature radishes, super-small cilantro. Linda Szarkowski grows those and more at her facility in Northport. She shares the bounty of Green Spirit Living Microgreens with eager culinary adventurers around the area, at farm markets, through her CSA, and at v... Read More >>

Feeling the Burn

Feb. 23, 2019

Few things are more devastating for a business than a fire. The double whammy of loss of property and loss of income can completely destroy a business. And when it’s a community hub like a bar or restaurant, it can impact the town as well. From Kalkaska, where Dingman’s Bar wa... Read More >>

Regina Carter Bringing Ella Fitzgerald Alive at City Opera House

Feb. 16, 2019

Renowned violinist Regina Carter has found inspiration in what might appear to be an unusual place: a vocalist. 
Though in the case of a jazz musician, it’s hard to get much better inspiration than from Ella Fitzgerald.

Carter’s latest album,Ella:...