August 19, 2022

Victor Skinner | Author

Where Is GOREC Going?

July 16, 2022

A proposal to restore and improve former Boy Scout facilities at Camp Greilick southeast of Traverse City is dividing area residents, with some excited about plans to enhance outdoor education programs and others concerned about the scope and potential negative impacts on the quality of l... Read More >>

Net Worth

May 28, 2022

Pat O’Neill and Kris Snyder are cruising the Lake Michigan shoreline, stopping overnight at a half-dozen popular fishing ports along the way.

They started out in St. Joseph but are surely to Arcadia by now, more than halfway to their final stop in Charlevoix. From April thro... Read More >>

Making Green: The economic impact of recreational marijuana Up North

April 16, 2022

Communities across northwest Lower Michigan are witnessing the obvious economic benefits of recreational marijuana this spring as the state doles out nearly $2 million in excise taxes to local municipalities and counties in the region.

The money is a welcomed new income at a time ... Read More >>

Homelessness Up North

Jan. 22, 2022

Across the northwest Lower Peninsula, hundreds of Michiganders are struggling to find shelter this winter.

It’s not a new situation, but the problem is steadily getting worse for a variety of reasons, from the global health pandemic sapping already limited resources to unpre... Read More >>

Vital Fish & Game Tracking -- or Senseless Red Tape?

Nov. 13, 2021

Michigan lawmakers are taking another crack at legislation to register and regulate commercial hunting and fishing guides on public lands after several failed attempts in recent legislative sessions.

The House Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Committee held a hearing on th... Read More >>