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Land Stories

May 29, 2021

Looking for reasons to leave your house? Consider this your open (air) invitation. While we all have our favorite parks and hikes, as summer edges in and more tourists and townies descend, it’s worth keeping a few lesser-trod landscapes in your back pocket. Here we highlight three o... Read More >>

Disappear into the U.P.’s Copper Mines this Summer

May 22, 2021

For acclaimed author Mary Doria Russell, moral dilemma is a must when it comes to good writing.  “I like gray areas,” she says, “and characters who do the right thing, and then find out it wasn’t as simple as they thought.”

In her newest no...

"Every important person was once a child."

May 8, 2021

A nationally syndicated columnist and near two-decade veteran of the Detroit Free Press, Rochelle Riley has spent much of her career telling stories that might otherwise have gone unheard. “A lot of what I write has to do with issues affecting African Americans, or of inter... Read More >>

Sneak Peek: Chris Bohjalian to Talk with Locals Before Next Novel Drops

April 17, 2021

Award-winning author Chris Bohjalian is one of those people who was born to write. A schoolroom hobby-turned-carefully-honed craft, Bohjalian credits his earliest compositions for his attraction to the darker side of life would come to define his future stories.

“They we...

Redefining the Next Northern Homescape

April 10, 2021

The best designs are based on déjà vu. At least, that’s Angelo Adamo’s approach. A transplant to the Grand Traverse area and Creative Director at Design Elemental, Adamo’s philosophy for crafting quality spaces is focused on the evocation of emotion —... Read More >>

Undocumented American

March 20, 2021

Karla Cornejo Villavicencio’s debut memoir, "The Undocumented Americans," has oft been acclaimed as a punk manifesto. And while the title isn’t completely misplaced — she does, after all, thank The White Stripes’ Meg White in the acknowledgments — Cornejo Vil... Read More >>

Critical Discourse for the Living

Feb. 20, 2021


Of all the topics we’d rather not talk about, death has long ranked near the top. The last on our list of cultural taboos, mortality still makes most Westerners squirm. After all, who really wants to discuss their own demise — or perhaps even worse, that of a lo... Read More >>

Author Alan Lightman Talks Progress & Patriarchy

Jan. 16, 2021

Author Alan Lightman isn’t the type to take inspiration lightly. “Sometimes I’ll come up with an idea,” he said, “and I’ll let six months or a year go by before I decide to write about it. If I’m still interested six months later, then I know it&r... Read More >>

Gifts For Him

Nov. 21, 2020

1. CRO Icons Stainless Steel Tervis Tumbler
For the modern-day mountain man, the gift of mobility is always a good bet. This Tervis tumbler from Coastal lets your globe-trotter take the trails, and all with his favorite beverage in tow. A whopping 20 ounces, this stu... Read More >>

Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

Nov. 21, 2020

1. Ugear Dynameter
Chances are good the puzzle-lover on your list has com... Read More >>

Gifts for Kids

Nov. 21, 2020

1. Sega Homestar Flux Home Planetarium
Turn your kid’s bedroom into a stunning night sky with the Sega Homestar Flux Planetarium. The most advanced model available, the Sega Flux features a black satin finish and is crafted with the brightest LED lightbulbs to ... Read More >>

Authors Steve Hamilton and Bryan Gruley

June 15, 2019

Few know the necessity of homecoming quite like a native of the great Mitten State. Even fewer know the nooks and crannies of its illustrious Up North. Enter acclaimed suspense writers Bryan Gruley and Steve Hamilton. For these novelists, northern Michigan’s singular nostalgia is as... Read More >>

Harbor Springs’ Paper Station Bistro

Feb. 23, 2019

Mike and Tawna Naturkas have the food biz in their blood. “My wife and I both come from a pretty thick background of hospitality,” said Mike. “I actually started in a little Jewish deli in Detroit when I was 15, and Tawna got her start on Mackinac Island at the Pink Pony... Read More >>

Sturgeon Fishing

Feb. 2, 2019

Lake sturgeon, the prehistoric bottom-dwelling fish that roams only a select few Midwestern waters, is a threatened species[LW1] [LW2] . The sheer quantity of eggs an adult lake sturgeon carries makes the fish an especially attractive target for poachers; beyond its white meat, ... Read More >>

The Ultimate Up North Reading List

Jan. 26, 2019

Don’t dread the next snow-day school closure; be ready. Stock your kids’ bookshelves with the world’s smartest answer to “Mom, I’m bored.” Here, Northern Express’picks for the latest and greatest books for kids and teens this winter — al... Read More >>

JAX Northside Food and Spirits

Oct. 20, 2018

After their first Charlevoix dining room changed hands a year-and-a-half ago, local restaurant veterans Jack and Patty Strand thought they had retired. But as those in the restaurant industry know, once you fall in love with food, there’s no falling out; it was only a matter of time... Read More >>

Sally Manke

March 3, 2018

There’s a clean-cut, slate gray colonial in the sleepy, Lake Michigan resort town of Arcadia. It sits, unassumingly, on a motionless side street lined mostly with now-vacant summer homes. And you’d never know it from the outside, but this is a house where magic lives.

...

Hibernation Time

Dec. 2, 2017

If your idea of “winter fun” is curling up in a soft chair with a fuzzy blanket and open book on your knees until spring, then here’s the list to see you through the season, courtesy of some of the best bookstores in the North.

Brilliant Books, Traver...