March 3, 2024

Alexandra Dailey | Author

So Much More Than a Credit Card Holiday

Nov. 19, 2022

We all talk about Hallmark holidays—looking at you, Valentine’s Day—but no one ever discusses credit card holidays. Perhaps that’s because there’s really only one of note: American Express’ Small Business Saturday.

Started in 2010 during the rec...

Making the Pitch

Nov. 12, 2022

Every day, we share our dreams with the world. We pitch our ideas to friends, coworkers, family members, baristas—anyone who’ll listen to us about what we think the next big thing could be or the plans we have for the future.

But what if you were given an actual elevat... Read More >>

To Gray or Not to Gray?

Nov. 5, 2022

Maybe you’ve asked yourself this question while gazing in the mirror and spotting yet another silver hair amid the black, brown, blonde, or red. Men have long embraced the distinguished “touch of gray” look, but women often get the short end of the silver fox stick, with... Read More >>

The Votes Are In for NoMi!

Oct. 29, 2022

It’s election week, and while most news stories out there take a more political approach, we’ve decided to share some less controversial, more down-to-earth votes from around northern Michigan. Here are the Up North spots that have hit No 1. in competitions across the country.... Read More >>

Up North Pride Week Returns

Sept. 24, 2022

Since 2014, Traverse City’s Up North Pride (UNP)—currently helmed by President & Programming/Events Co-Chair Nick Viox and a board of volunteers—has been fostering inclusion, providing education and resources, inspiring activism and advocacy, and producing a variety ... Read More >>

Top of the Pyramid

Sept. 3, 2022

Earlier this summer, two TC Cheer teams traveled south to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for the National Youth Activities Association (NYAA) Cheer Nationals. Overcoming odds and obstacles, the athletes of TC Vortex and TC Eclipse rose to the top—a testament to their determination, i... Read More >>

Your Labor Day Weekend Itinerary

Aug. 27, 2022

Labor Day weekend provides local and out-of-town revelers with a variety of fun ways to bid the summer season farewell. From music festivals and art exhibits to regattas, foot races, and equestrian tournaments, northern Michigan has an event for you and yours this weekend. (And if this li... Read More >>

Hot Dog Hot Spots

Aug. 20, 2022

There’s nothing like a late-summer neighborhood party where friends get together, fire up the grill, and create a smorgasbord-style potluck. If you’re nostalgic for those summer nights but can’t create your own backyard charcoal ambiance, we recommend you, your friends, ... Read More >>

Stone Hunting on the Shores...and in the Stores

July 30, 2022

There are a few things all northern Michigan visitors (and locals) love: soaking up the sun on a golden beach; noshing on fudge and ice cream from places like Kilwins or Murdick’s; sampling local restaurants; and exploring one-of-a-kind shops in search of souvenirs to commemorate th... Read More >>

Between the Shows

July 23, 2022

Joyously termed “The Return,” the annual Traverse City Film Festival (TCFF) is back in action July 26–31. The festival will host numerous film screenings featuring black and white classics, cult favorites, foreign films, shorts, documentaries, and immersive masterpieces.... Read More >>


July 2, 2022

The secluded spots and quaint towns tucked away in harbors and bays on the Lake Michigan coast have long been desirable destinations for those seeking a weekend respite or relaxing summer season away from the usual harried hubbub. Sandy beaches with hidden Petoskey Stone treasures bec... Read More >>

75 Years of Fabulous Fudge

July 2, 2022

This year marks the 75th anniversary of one of northern Michigan’s favorite sweet treat destinations for both year-rounders and seasonal visitors. Nearly eight decades ago, Kilwins was born as a mom-and-pop bakery, and the company of confections has grown to include more than 150 lo... Read More >>

DEI Leaders

June 18, 2022

The job title “Director of DEI”—Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion—is new to most parts of northern Michigan. As several major employers in the region make strides to create more welcoming workplaces, they are bringing on staff to turn conference room brainstorms int... Read More >>

Beach Town Ballers

June 11, 2022

With beach season upon us, everyone is ready for summer weather and long daylight hours. Our sandy shores quickly fill with vacationers and locals, but nothing fills faster than the volleyball courts at West End in Traverse City. These six courts are always in hot demand, with passionate ... Read More >>

Three Awesome Overnights Up North

May 21, 2022

As we near the summer season in northern Michigan, campgrounds across the region are preparing for the arrival of novice and die-hard nature enthusiasts alike. Not sure what camping style suits you and your outdoorsy skill levels best? Well, Northern Express has done the research... Read More >>