August 26, 2019

Kristi Kates | Author

The Uphill Climb of Shaggy’s Copper Country Skis

Jan. 21, 2017

A family legacy, a talent for building things from scratch and a quirky eye for detail have resulted in a successful niche business for one long-time northern Michigan skier, and it’s a business that takes its inspiration from the late 1800s.

 Jeff Thompson’s grea...

Alpenfrost Welcomes Winter to Gaylord

Jan. 21, 2017

Gaylord residents and visitors have long been familiar with the annual Alpenfest event, a summer celebration that’s become a tradition for many in this Alpine-themed village. In the winter, a flurry of activities of a different variety sweeps into town for the annual Alpenfrost, Alp... Read More >>

East Park Tavern

Jan. 21, 2017

Charlevoix’s East Park Tavern has been through many incarnations of its former self. Back in the day, it was the Silver Birches Bar, which eventually became the Topside Lounge. Much later, it morphed into Whitney’s Oyster Bar and became a mainstay for both locals and summer vi... Read More >>

Adam Hammer's Restoration Dreams

Jan. 14, 2017

Legos, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars weren’t merely toys for a youthful Adam Hammer. As a kid, playing with miniature cars was his favorite pastime; by the age of 15, he’d taken things full-scale by buying his first vehicle, a 1994 Ford Ranger. By turn, the Ranger itself was mo... Read More >>


Jan. 14, 2017

Vaults — “Caught in Still Life” — V Records

Capitalizing on the success of the inclusion of their track in this year’s annual John Lewis advertisement in the U.K. are this London band, whose electronica outings have proved nearly as v... Read More >>

Tastemaker: Noggin Room’s chopped romaine salad

Jan. 14, 2017

Considering the popularity of trendy chopped salad eateries like Chop’t, Saladworks, Chop It, and Chop Stop — none of which have made it to Petoskey quite yet — it’s no wonder that one of The Noggin Room Pub’s latest menu additions is quickly becoming a big h... Read More >>

Mustard Plug, Heaters headline Ice Jam

Jan. 14, 2017

Grand Rapids ska band Mustard Plug is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary as a band, and you can catch the Plug smack in the middle of all this frivolity at the first-ever Ice Jam charity music fest, coming to Grand Rapids on Jan. 28. Ice Jam, which will take place... Read More >>

Leland Lodge Wants You to Party in Your Parka

Jan. 14, 2017

The warm oranges of a roaring fire contrasting with the icy blues of snow and ice. Laughter drifting along the chilly breeze as the soft shhhh of sleds and skis can be heard sliding down the hill. And energetic live music encouraging guests to dance while they’re still suited up in ... Read More >>

Gear up with the best driving music

Jan. 14, 2017

Are you ready for a road trip? For those who love to travel — especially those who aren’t big fans of winter weather — this is prime time for loading up your suitcase and hitting the highways in search of a warmer, or at least different, temporary destination. The drive ... Read More >>

A guide to northern Michigan car clubs

Jan. 14, 2017

Few things are more fun for a hobbyist than to socialize with like minds. For car collectors, restoration aficionados and others who love to show off their favorite four wheels, car clubs are a great place to hobnob with people who’ll finally understand your references to modding, s... Read More >>

Kick up some powder at Bigfoot snowshoe races

Jan. 14, 2017

Inspired by summertime runners looking for a comparable winter workout, Randy Step, co-owner of specialty running gear stores Running Fit, launched the Bigfoot 5K and 10K snowshoe running events in 2011, and found the race the subject of immediate attention.

“With over 400 p...

Drive to succeed: Making auto techs at NMC

Jan. 14, 2017

Cars just aren’t what they used to be.

And that’s great news for students of Northwestern Michigan College’s automotive service technology program.

Instructor and program coordinator Wayne Moody has been working with NMC since 2001, when he was invited to... Read More >>


Jan. 7, 2017

Various artists — “Moana” soundtrack — Walt Disney

As if Lin-Manuel Miranda hasn’t had a big enough year with the raging success of his Broadway musical “Hamilton,” now he’s penned a set of ridiculously catchy tunes ... Read More >>

Bottoms Up: Tandem Cider’s switchel

Jan. 7, 2017

While switchel is now being called a “hipster’s drink,” the original beverage — made of water mixed with vinegar and seasoned with ginger and sweetener — actually has roots far deeper than your local barista’s beard.

Although it may have origina...

Southbound for spring break? Check out Okeechobee

Jan. 7, 2017

Michiganian music fans who are Florida-bound this spring break will be happy to find out that the Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival in Okeechobee is returning for another year, with a super-hot roster on the way for the weekend of March 2-5. Returning to the fest is the ... Read More >>

Wacky races the norm at winter festivals

Jan. 7, 2017

Indian River Winterfest, Jan. 13-15

Whether you arrive by foot, car, cross-country skis or snowmobile (the venue is easily accessible by both roads and trails), you’ll want to be in Marina Park for Indian River’s annual Winterfest.

You might al...

Michigan music fans to pick Winter Wheat

Jan. 7, 2017

As summer slowly shifts into fall each year, the Wheatland Music Festival, like so many other music and arts festivals in Michigan, opens its gates to welcome fans of a wide range of music genres, from folk and bluegrass to rock, Celtic and country, for concerts, dances, jam sessions and ... Read More >>

The persistence of Chris Buhalis

Jan. 7, 2017

Michigan musicians are nothing if not tough. While adversity can strike anywhere, somehow it can seem a little more severe when you’re trying to write songs throughout winters that can last in excess of six months, or keep up with a day job that’s focused on labor that’s... Read More >>

On the road again with Jay and Molly

Jan. 7, 2017

Folk music act Jay and Molly know how to make good use of their mobile phone. The couple are always focused on something musical, whether it’s working at their Ashokan Center for music and dance education, or, as is the case most weekends, heading out to play live shows — and ... Read More >>

2016: The year in music

Dec. 31, 2016

The year 2016 was filled with expansive highs and lows: great albums and singles, expressive concert tours, musical achievements from both vintage performers and newcomers — and losses that we’re still trying to comprehend. Here’s a look at the past 12 months of music:Read More >>